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Opt-in Email Advertising and Email Marketing

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Over 100 000 double opt-in members in the Take the Internet Back (TIB) database will receive your advertising email! Members are more than interested in reading your emails, as they own 90% of the program.

TIB guarantee you an opening rate of at least 25%! How can they do that? TIB members are also owners – that’s how. They want to read your emails. They want to join your programs. They want to buy your product.

Sure – you can get 5 billion emails for $20, but what are you really buying? Junk emails that no one even reads any more. Try them first and you will see. Then come back and check out the TIB testimonials on the front page of this website. Feel free to contact any one of them as most have names and email addresses. We are that confident in our program. Our rates are lower than any reputable advertising company out there too!! People who will read your emails, low advertising rates, and the best ROI in the industry. Give TIB a try and you will see.

Opt-in Email Advertising & Marketing

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“Opt-in Email Advertising and Email Marketing”

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