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D-Day Marks Start of Allied Invasion of Europe - 1944

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

6th June 1944: D-Day, marks start of Europe invasion

Thousands of Allied troops have begun landing on the beaches of Normandy in northern France at the start of a major offensive against the Germans.

Thousands of paratroops and glider-borne troops have also been dropped behind enemy lines and the Allies are already said to have penetrated several miles inland.

The landings were preceded by air attacks along the French coast.

Operation Overlord, the Allied landings at Normandy, is a series of 4 short movies created from original news footage of the time. It accurately details the events prior to June the 6th and the insuing days that culminated in the break out.

Operation Overlord - Part 1

Operation Overlord - Part 2

Operation Overlord - Part 3

Operation Overlord - Part 4

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“D-Day Marks Start of Allied Invasion of Europe - 1944”

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