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North Korean Army Invades South Korea - 1950

Monday, June 25, 2007

The states of North Korea and South Korea had recently been created out of the post-World War II Soviet and American occupation zones in Korea when on 25th June 1950, the NKPA (North Korean Peoples Army) launched a massive surprise attack on its neighbor to the South.

For the next three years, the United Nations (USA) and the Communists (USSR) would wage a bloody and brutal war over the peninsula which finally ended in ceasefire on 27th July 1953.

In South Korea, the war is often called 6/25, from the date of the start of the conflict.

1950 US Newsreel Video on Korean War

The Korean War is often described as 'The Forgotten War'. It is estimated that four million people died in it.

17,000 Australians served in Korea. 339 were killed and 1,215 wounded. This is a tribute to those men.

Korean War Heroes - They are not forgotten

But not everyone agrees on the official version of the war's outcome... particularly not in places North of the 38th parallel. :p

On June 25th 1950 the criminal US imperialists invaded the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in a mad bid to stifle the progressive force of revolutionary socialist country-building along man-centered mass-based Juche lines of the Korean people to enslave them and perpetrate the entire genocide as a stepping-stone towards their mad dream of conquering the world to subject it to the darkness of capitalist oppression.

However the Korean people solidly united behind the Great Leader Eternal President Marshal Kim Il Sung defeated the aggressors and honorably defended the young republic. The Fatherland Liberation War ended on July 27 1953 with the surrender of the US imperialists and the total victory of the Korean people.

July 27th is since then a day of celebrating the courage and mettle of the Korean People's Army and the greatness of the Great Leader Eternal President Kim Il Sung.
By: Songun

North Korean News Footage

A BBC documentary alleging American atrocities against civilians during the Korean War, contradicting the findings of a Pentagon report. Eyewitness accounts recall one of the largest massacres of civilians in American military history at No Gun Ri in South Korea in July 1950, and recently declassified documents reveal how US commanders issued orders to open fire on non-combatants.

BBC Documentary - Kill 'em All Pt.1
American War Crimes in Korea

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

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“North Korean Army Invades South Korea - 1950”

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