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Help For A Friend

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A good lady and friend has hit some hard times. Please read her story here.

If you know of any social work related job opportunities in Mississippi or can help in any way please get in contact with Denise through her blog, Prin's Links for Social Work Students

Update 4th February It sounds like things have turned around now for Prin. Read the good news here.


“Help For A Friend”

  1. Blogger Denise Says:

    Hey, My friend!
    Didn't know if you've been to my blog lately to catch up on the news, so I decided to come here. All the drama has been handled. We got the refund anticipation loan for the tax return and managed to pay most everything off. set everything up as cheaply as i could and on budget plans where i could so if we live sparsely then we should be ok, unless that witch decides to go up on the rent. she was talking about it when I went to pay her 3 months back rent and the rent for february. You'd think she would have been happy to get that! Anyway if you feel like reading it, it's there :) thanks for your support and prayers :) prin

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